"I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your blog! I have a big nickel allergy, and for years it was extremely painful, annoying, and itchy because I didn't know how to avoid all the nickel! I missed out on a lot of things, until I found you! Your blog and Pinterest has helped me so much from telling me about places to buy earrings, to the nickel-test kit, to now I just saw the razor!! Yayyy! A big win for those of us who have a nickel allergy. I am so excited and thankful so I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much you are appreciated! Thank you!"

- Rachel


"I have learned so much from your website.  Your site has helped not only me, but also my sister and nephew.  Like you, my nephew is allergic to a lot of things.  My sister has struggled with acute atopic dermatitis all her life, but now it is her baby. As a mom, she wants to fix it once and for all.  Unfortunately, that is not possible.  She has found products without his triggers through your site.  He skin is clearing up and he is so happy!  He is now on the verge of walking, he did not want to because he was hurting all the time.  He is 13, almost 14, months old.  I know I am rambling, I am just so excited and appreciative of all your help, especially for my nephew."

- Rebekah


"...I'm very relieved to find you and your blog and feel like it's a life saver at this moment. I have a long road ahead of me."

- Chelsea


“I felt better reading your site because people without allergies just do not understand how hard it can be. Thanks so much for your help and great advice. It helps me keep going.”

- Wendy


“Can I first just say I am a huge fan of your blog. I have had eczema since puberty and last year developed it on my hands and wrists. Allergists and dermatologists have been nothing compared to the help you have offered on this site, even for just posing the right questions to the medical peeps. Thank you!”

- Diana


“In 2011 I was diagnosed with an allergy to Propylene Glycol, as well as 5 other chemicals. Feeling lost and alone, I began an intensive internet search on my allergies hoping for anyone who understood. My doctors knew very little if anything about my allergies. I stumbled across theallergista.com and found a wealth of information on my own allergies, as well as a community who was facing the same daily challenges I was. Since then, theallergista.com has become an outlet to vent my frustrations on how my allergy affects my life, but most importantly seek answers from those who have paved the road before.”

- Shanci


"The Allergista perfectly describes Jen! Fashionably educated and passionate in helping you manage your allergies with style! Join her on her mission towards health, healing and happiness!" 

- Elyse Wagner a.k.a. My Kitchen Shrink


“Working with theallergista.com has been, very simply, ideal. Her posts are relevant, well thought out and captivating...resulting in an audience that is engaged. We've seen important response rates to specials that we've offered theallergista.com followers as well as positive feedback from our own followers on our collaboration with her. It's been one of those "magic unicorns" of collaboration: effective, professional, ethical, targeted, relevant, engaging and really, really pleasant...in that most sincere, authentic of ways that can only come of individuals truly devoted to their causes.”

- VMV Hypoallergenics


“Jennifer has always been very dependable, providing original and creative design as well as blog content when promised. Her enthusiasm for social media and networking is contagious and it’s just one of the many reasons I enjoy working with her.”

- Jennifer R., Owner of The Eczema Company


“When it comes with living with allergies, The Allergista, knows her stuff! Whether your allergy is to dairy, mold, nickel, propylene glycol or others, this is the place for you! I often work with people who have a multitude of allergies.  TheAllergista.com is the perfect resource when dealing with allergies. I have directed many people to this site. Jennifer, aka The Allergista, is extremely knowledgable and very upfront with information. I highly recommend this site!”

- Cindy G. aka Vegetarian Mamma